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This site chronicles the journey of Hezekiah Kidron through the continent of Elona, the third continent in the Guild Wars series of games: Guild Wars Nightfall. Hezekiah’s goal is to become a cartographer, to map the content of Elona. He keeps a log of his travels, and provides illustrations of the things, people, and enemies he encounters through his jPortrait of Hezekiah Kidronourney.

Mission and Purpose
The purpose of this site is provide entertainment to Guild Wars fans in the form of fiction set in the Guild Wars universe. The site is created in order to marry two of my favorite pastimes: gaming and writing.  I have always been a fan of the fantasy genre, and in Guild Wars ArenaNet has created a compelling, fleshed-out fantasy world with beautiful design and settings. I am always intrigued by screenshots of interesting architecture, action, environment, or characters, and sometimes wish there were a story to go along with them. Well, I’m making up my own story to go along with my screenshots.

Importantly, the point of my story is not to rehash or embellish Nightfall’s tale. GW team members have done a fine job crafting an intricate plot with vivid characters and rich history; I do not presume to rebuild their work. My goal is to weave a different skein, to fabricate a new story in the GW world.

Because of this, many (if not all) aspects of the Nightfall tale will be purposefully ignored simply because they would interfere with Hezekiah’s story. For example, right out of the gate, in the first journal entry, Hezekiah does not mention at all the fact that he is a member of the Sunspear because he is not—he is a newcomer to Istan, fresh out of Cantha. He mentions some trouble with some Corsairs, but it is not anything major because it does not bear significantly on his story. This is his story, not Nigtfall’s.

This site is not owned or operated by ArenaNet, and is not an official Guild Wars website. However, we strive to stay within the bounds that ArenaNet has set for fansites. If you have comments, questions, or suggestions regarding this site, please email them to me at : h e z e k i a h k i d r o n @ g w c a r t o g r a p h e r . c o m.

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