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Guild Wars is an online role-playing game developed by ArenaNet, and released in early 2005. It has since had two expansions: Factions and Nightfall. The game is often referred to as an MMORPG, although it differs from classic MMORPGs in many ways.GW Screenshot

Primarily, the PvE world is almost entirely instanced. Only towns are not instanced, and in towns you can either form parties with other players, or form groups with NPC bots. Additionally, the story unfolds mostly through a set of missions with specific objectives. If you fail to meet the objectives, you are returned to town to try again. Once you complete the objectives, you are magically sent to the next town or mission. There are also many other areas to explore.

The PvP portion of the game is distinct from the PvE. The two are completely separated. While a player can take a PvE player into PvP, characters can also be created at their maximum level, expressly for PvP play. Matches are then completed in a death-match type way--a team indicates that it is ready to play, and the game automatically finds an enemy team. Some matches require the capture of strategic points, others require that you annihiate the enemy team. Either way , once one team reaches the objective, the match is over.

Another unique aspect of the game are the skills and classes. Each character has a primary class and secondary class. Each class has access to over 100 unique skills, which the player can mix and match, and take up to 8 at a time. This wide range of skills, and the limitation of 8 makes the game much more strategic than many games, whether playing PvP or PvE.

For more details about Guild Wars, please visit the official Guild Wars web site at www.guildwars.com.

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